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Amish handcrafted furniture is unique. They pay particular attention to the details of each piece of wood while making the furniture and they choose the piece of wood specifically to complete the furniture they build. They do not use cheap laminate or chipboard - they use only solid wood such as oak, hickory, cherry, maple or maple brown and oak quarter. The majority of Amish custom furniture also includes resistovar finish which is a tough, durable finish that can withstand most chemicals in general, paint thinners, acetone, etc.
Amish furniture is not only aesthetically and visually appealing, it is also sturdy and designed to last a lifetime. The Amish are very proud of every piece of hand crafted furniture, and they consider their pieces an art form as much as functional furniture.
There are many different styles of Amish furniture, all of which have their own distinct characteristics, such as dovetail drawers, countersunk screws, ultra-resistant finishing nails and tenons and mortises. Some specific and popular styles include:
• Mission: This style has a clean, modern look, represented by straight lines.
• Shaker: This style relies on being durable and functional.Although elegant, it is often a very basic and simple design.
• Queen Anne: This style is exactly the opposite of Mission and Shaker styles. It is more traditional in nature and is built with visual appeal in mind. It consists of more unique carved ornamentation, more foot details, and elaborate moldings.
• Other styles include Southwestern, Rustic, Cottage, Beach, Contemporary, Old World and Traditional.
While customers can now buy Amish furniture online, the Amish are even prohibited from running the sites because of their beliefs.Websites are generally run by non-Amish retailers as frequent exhibits in Ohio and Indiana feature Amish furnishings.

Custom Amish furniture covers a wide range of furniture for your home. The categories of furniture they produce, see more:

• Dining Room: tables, chairs, dining room furniture, showcases, buffets, cribs and wine racks.

• Bedroom: bedrooms, beds, headboards, dressers, cabinets, hope chests and jewelry boxes.

• Children: beds, dressers, chairs and benches, dolls and doll furniture, high chairs, tables, cribs and toys.

• Living Room: Living room furniture, chairs, coffee tables, end tables, libraries and entertainment centers.

• Office: office furniture, computer desks, libraries and filing cabinets.

• Entrance Hall and Entryway: hallway furniture, entrance furniture, seating area and benches, trees and coat rack room.

• Type of kitchen: kitchen accessories, baskets, bread boxes, cookbooks and cutting boards.

• Home Accessories and art: Amish art, bookends, Bible and box holders.

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